Water Networks

UESL offers a range of services relating to the water distribution network industry. We can prepare demand assessments for all types of establishment, carry out network feasibility studies and design below-ground networks.

Industrial Process Plants.

We develop potable water pipeline designs for a wide range of developments, including:

Commercial Developments.
Housing Estates.

Our Water network designs are carried out with value engineering in mind. We aim to produce cost-effective design solutions and reduce client expenditure.

Upon completion of conceptual designs, we produce performance criteria for issue to WIRS accreditated SELF LAY ORGANISATIONS (SLO). The performance criteria includes conceptual potable water pipeline routing, metering/valve locations, fire main routing, hydrant locations and projected water demand schedules.

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SLO tenders are carefully assessed so as to ensure full compliance with the utility project requirememnts.

UESL can also carry out a detailed review of existing networks, identify the location of existing pipelines and arrange for diversion where these pipelines are affected by future development. We also seek to negate diversions where possible.

Water Networks