Utility Searches
Understanding the location of utility assets is a key consideration. The safety of your staff is paramount. At Utility Engineering Solutions we can carry out a comprehensive utility search to determine the location of utility infrastructure prior to commencement of your works.

We conduct a thorough search using our database of licensed statutory undertakings. As utility network ownership has developed in recent years, our utility searches encompass over 90 utility companies, covering a broad range of infrastructure, namely:

  • Independent Network Operators(IDNO's)
  • Gas Transportation Companies
  • Telecommunications/cable operators
  • Oil pipeline operators
  • Water and wastewater authorities
  • Chemical pipeline operators


If you need help in determining the presence of utility assets then please contact us on:-

The information is assembled into a detailed file for use on site. Even if a utility company claims not to own any assets in the vicinity of the intended works, we request a written response.

We can input the utility asset data onto a single plan for ease of reference.

Once we've identified the presence of utility infrastructure, we can then assist you in determining the potential for asset diversionary works and associated costs. Where possible, we seek to negate asset diversionary works by capitalising on our in-depth knowledge of utility network design.

Utility Searches