Our portfoilio of electrical services covers a wide range of activities in the electrical industry, detailed as follows:
Building Electrical Demands
Substation Earthing
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Switchgear ac/dc protection and control diagrams
Assessment of building electrical demands for all types of establishment, covering residential dwellings, apartment blocks, office buildings, industrial developments, schools, universities and colleges. Our assessments are based upon an analysis of historical data and modern building design practice. We understand the financial implications of over assessment of building electrical demands which result in increased capital expenditure for plant and equipment as well as paying increased network capacity charges to the incumbent DNO.
Network Designs
The design of low voltage and high voltage distribution networks detailing circuit routes, joint positions and substation location. Calculations for LV networks include voltage drop, single and three phase short circuit values and earth loop impedance in accordance with UK engineering standards. All calculations are carried out using industry recognised software.
Network Analysis Studies
Using the latest computer software technologies we can model networks and conduct system studies covering fault level, harmonic analysis, system stability and load flow.
The design of substation earthing systems for distribution substations operating from 6.6kV up to 132kV. We use bespoke industry software to model earthing systems calculating earth potential rise, transferred potential, step and touch potential. As part of the substation analysis we also produce substation general arrangement drawings detailing conductor size, earth matrix and bonding arrangements.
Protection Co-Ordination Studies
HV and LV protection co-ordination studies for all types of installation ranging from single transformer installations at 6.6kV and 11kV, complex 6.6kV/11kV networks, 33kV primary / bulk supply substations and 132kV grid interface substations. We also offer a protection co-ordination service for low voltage networks encompassing main incoming circuit-breaker through to remote protective devices maintaining stability throughout the network.
Cable Specifications
Production of detailed cable rating calculations taking into consideration operating environment, projected electrical demand, proximity to other circuits and other heat sources.
Substation Design
Our substation design methodology includes preparation of plant layouts, building service specifications, ancillary component specification and design. Our detailed general arrangements also incorporate cable routes, civil engineering specifications, personnel and plant access routes.
Preparation of protection and control diagrams including transformer tap change control, AVCs, marshalling points, remote protection panels, switchgear ac and dc wiring.
Motor start calculations
Analysis of motor start conditions and subsequent effects on DNO and customer distribution networks. All calculations are carried out in accordance with ENA Engineering Recommendation P28. We also produce protection studies for motors including settings for issue to the protection applications engineer.
Project Management
We offer full project management services from inception through to completion. We maintain continuous dialogue with all project stakeholders and compile regular reports on each aspect of the electrical installation. Our in-depth knowledge of how the electricity sector operates ensures there are no surprises and electrical installation works are pre-commissioned and energised in accordance with the project timeline.
Electrical Services