Distributed Generation

UESL is one of the foremost utility engineering consultancy practices in the distributed generation industry.

We represent a number of clients covering a broad range of disciplines including windfarms, coal bed methane plants, photovoltaics, biomass and combined heat and power (CHP).

We can offer assistance through all stages of the distribution network connection process, from project inception to final commissioning. Our ethos is to deliver a timely and cost effective connections solution.

Our key objectives are to ensure that all costs incurred are commensurate with the scale of the project. Our knowledge of electricity distribution networks and the regulatory framework enables us to quickly asses a

a scheme and identify the most expedient way to develop a utility connection strategy.

At UESL we can:-

  • Carry out connection feasibility studies with reference to DNO long-term development statements, thus providing a timely and yet informative report. the feasibility stage includes projected cost proposals and indicative timescales.
  • Assess likely impacts on the network, such as fault level capability and load flow implications.
  • Make formal application for connection to the distribution network by completing the applications process, with reference to the requirements of the Distribution and Grid Codes, G59/2 etc.


If you need assistance with your project, then please call us now on:-
  • Assess DNO proposals from technical and commercial perspectives and check compliance with regulatory obligations and published charging statements. We aim to negate the need for unnecessary reinforcement apportionment wherever possible, having successfully challenged a number of DNOs using our affiliated company, Utility Cost Reduction Solutions Ltd.
  • Ensure design optimisation by modelling distribution networks using established industry software, checking for likely impacts on client and DNO HV/LV networks.
  • Manage client distributed generation projects from initial enquiry to completion.
  • Manage the bid process for contestable connections by issuing project enquiries to the UCP marketplace.


Distributed Generation