About Us
Utility Engineering Solutions Ltd is a utility infrastructure consultancy business set up to assist its customers in a wide range of activities relating to the utility connections marketplace.
Our principle objectives are to provide outstanding levels of service and in turn developing long-term relationships with our clients. We achieve our objectives by:
Value engineering utility infrastructure designs with a resultant reduction in capital expenditure
Providing technical and project management expertise throughout the project lifecycle
Effective utility project management, ensuring timely delivery and commissioning of the utilities
Resourcing our client projects with utility trained engineers
The utility marketplace has changed significantly in recent years, so much so that even obtaining a simple quotation can be a laborious task. We aim to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy using our vast experience in the utility sector.
Our flexible approach means that we can assist with simple 'one off' domestic connections or more complex projects such as business parks, office developments, residential schemes, industrial plants, windfarms and biomass plants.
Our portfolio of clients is varied and includes residential and commercial property developers, land developers, distributed generators, M&E consultants, architects, QS practices, industry, hotel groups, high street chains, banks and data centre operators.
If you need assistance with your project, then please give us a call.
Our core activities include:-
Utility infrastructure network designs
Utility project management from project inception through to completion
Assesment of realistic gas, water and electricity demands for residential, commercial and industrial developments
Review existing utility infrastructure asset records and carry out asset diversionary impact assessments
Prepare utility infrastructure performance criteria
Advise on the selection of suitably accredited utility connection providers
About us